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if you just clicked here, you have no idea how you’re going to get those tasty tiktok views and keep reading carefully for the next three minutes, or you’re completely aware of the tiktok trend ‘my way’ or the road’ and how mentally viral it is right now. Either way, for those of you unfamiliar, it goes something like this: A teenager starts recording a tiktok in front of his violence-ready parent of choice. mime the following poetic line to the audio:

“If you call me a bitch, make sure you put worse in front of it. kick ass hoe.”

My way or the highway tiktok trend explained. What does my way or the highway mean? Where did the trend come from? Best examples of the trend

then they get a big smack to the back of the head as they walk away, having said a big naughty tehe! yes, scrolling through this audio is basically a compilation of people being assaulted by their parents. However, while this doesn’t sound all that great on its own, it’s all the amazing iterations of this trend that have made it what it is today. We’ll get to that at the end, but let’s answer the important stuff first: what’s the tiktok trend my way or the highway? what is the tiktok trending song my way or the highway and how did it become the next clip? ask, and ye shall receive, smack ass hoe.

so how did the “my way or the highway” trend really start?

As mentioned above, it’s pretty simple. the child says something incendiary to the parents, the parents react. there are millions of these non-original videos, so we’ll just show you one and move on quickly:

unconvincing, huh. anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, the audio is made up of two parts: the opening bard monologue and then the song that follows.

the opening spoken word art, “if you call me a bitch make sure you put the baddest thing in front of it” is from an instagram live rant by rapper trina, famous for being a great rapper (some of her music videos have millions of views on youtube) as well as having dated lil wayne and french montana. take a look:

this was later, at some point, mixed in with a song from the same year, known as “my way” by queen key. It’s essentially an ode to Mrs Key on getting her way… her way. despite everything, listen:

you mix two powerful female voices into the tiktok audio and you get a lot of empowerment, as well as a lot of memes. knowyourmeme writes that the first recorded use of the audio “my way or on the highway” comes from user @jerryyy.jones:

yes, this is all well and good, but it’s the impression-based rehash versions of this trend that are generating huge views on tiktok right now.

how do i get views on my tiktok using the trend “my way or on the road”?

users have since turned this trend into a final form that far exceeds the original audio, by creating their own versions by changing the lyrics of the song. For example, one will now say “if you call me mouse, make sure you put mickey in front of him” before walking away doing the mickey mouse imitation singing “my way or the highway”. It sounds weird but it’s great. check out some of the best examples below:

all you need is to be good at printing. trust me when you get the views. go go go!

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