Police officer Breanna Straus suspended for viral TikTok, internet

Tiktok user and police officer breanna straus has left netizens disappointed with the police after speaking out about her privileges.

in a video, strauss was seen reminding viewers that you can speed up without getting into trouble. he also said officers can “find a reason” to stop drivers if they stay in front of them long enough.

The video has sparked a lengthy debate about the right of police officers with people taking to Twitter to call her out. one twitter user even said, “arrogance is disgusting”, a sentiment echoed by many other users.

breanna straus works with the federal way police department in washington state. In the now-viral video, she told viewers that the police are above and beyond the law and don’t have the same rules as citizens. This has led netizens to believe that Straus was abusing her power after becoming an authority figure.

The video, which has garnered widespread attention on social media, has been removed from Breanna Straus’s profile. However, netizens rushed to screen-record the video. one such person was reddit user u/jaamac2025, who distributed it via social media platforms.

The video also made its way to Twitter, where it amassed more than 3.5 million views and more than 52.7 thousand likes. the tweet read:

breanna straus said in the video:

netizens react to breanna straus’s tiktok video

As mentioned above, netizens were not happy to hear the officer’s “psa” and many were disgusted by her autarchic tone and behavior. various internet reasons claimed that her behavior of appearing “untouchable” was a reason they didn’t believe in the police system.

plus, when people found out about strauss’s suspension of only 10 hours, they were furious. many called for the officer to be fired rather than suspended for such a short time.

what happened to breanna strauss?

The infamous officer was sworn in on force on August 9, 2021. The Federal Way Police Department conducted an investigation into the video and looked into potential rule violations. they also investigated the officer’s previous disciplinary issues.

cmdr. Federal Way’s Kurt Schwan told Seattle Weekly that the police officer had no prior disciplinary issues. They later determined that Straus violated the department’s code of conduct regarding his social media and personal conduct.

schwan also said in another interview:

the officer in question received a 10-hour suspension that would mark it as a shift, without pay.

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