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How To Get Someone Banned On Tiktik

TikTok has specific guidelines that you need to agree to when posting content on the app. Infringements of the Community Guidelines will result in penalties and account suspension. That ensures that inappropriate content is removed and that TikTok maintains a safe and friendly environment for users of all ages.

there are things you should know about tiktok ban policies. tiktok bans are usually based on the severity of a person’s violation. The ban may be temporary, which can be reversed, or permanent, in which case it will not be changed unless specific action is taken.

this guide focuses on how to ban someone on tiktok and the different types of bans that can be imposed on this platform.

tiktok guidelines

the platform, tiktok, has strict rules about what content is allowed to be uploaded. Following these guidelines is critical to avoiding violations that could result in your account being banned. click here for tiktok community guidelines.

Any content that is harmful to users or promotes criminal behavior such as nudity, cruelty, and abuse is not allowed, according to the standards. if you notice any account promoting such things, you can report it to tiktok who will either remove the video or ban the offending account.

types and duration of tiktok bans

TikTok bans are often based on the severity level of the violations committed by said account. check them out below.

shadow bank

a shadowban is an indirect or secret ban where tiktok prevents a user’s content from appearing in other users’ feeds. in other words, user content will not appear on other users’ “for you” pages. this suspension can last from 1 to 3 days and is imposed by tiktok for minor violations of the guidelines in the uploaded content.

live broadcast ban

if prohibited content or comments are detected in a user’s recent live stream, tiktok may ban their account. this ban can last between 24 and 48 hours.

temporary ban

minor violations of the tiktok community guidelines may result in a temporary ban, lasting from 48 hours to 14 days. if you experience this from the tiktok app, you can contact tiktok support so that the account is not locked.

permanent ban

A permanent ban on tiktok is the most serious type of restriction and is usually the result of serious or repeated violations of the tiktok community guidelines. this ban may or may not be lifted. however, you can request a review of your suspension by contacting tiktok support via email.

how to ban someone’s account on tiktok

if you want to ban someone’s tiktok account due to possible violations, please follow the procedures below.

step #1: launch tiktok

Start by opening the tiktok app on your device. then go ahead and sign in to your account.

step #2: access the video

You must first identify the relevant video clip on tiktok to report content that you believe violates the community rules of the platform

Go to the video clip and assess why the offending content or account should be banned. once you have determined the reason and cause of a tiktok account ban, you can take further action.

Step #3: Long press on the screen

press and hold the screen once you’ve reached the media (in the center). a long press on the screen will bring up a menu of options to interact with the data. the report option can be found among the menu options.

Step #4: Select Report

when you click the report option, you will be taken to a page detailing why you requested the account lockout.

step #5: choose a cause

A list appears comprising content that tiktok advises users not to upload or promote in their guidelines. then, as you have already decided, choose the cause from the list to highlight tiktok violations.

step #6: choose a motif

You must choose a secondary reason for reporting the account in some of the available options. after that, you can explain in more detail and submit the report.

step 7: submit your report

A submit icon will appear on the screen after completing all the steps above. to submit the report, click the submit button.

Step #8: Check Your Reports

You will be able to exit the page or read your reports after submitting your report. you can verify that the report was successful by going to “view report” and viewing a list of the reports you have sent to tiktok.


there you have it on the basic steps to follow to ban someone on tiktok. As said above, you cannot directly ban someone’s account on tiktok, but you can report the person’s account to tiktok, which will be reviewed for a period of 48 hours that will extend to one week.

Regardless of why you would want to ban someone’s account, make sure you have a valid explanation, specifically if you found out that the person has violated one of the tiktok community guidelines. once you have that in place, your application will most likely be successful.

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