How To Get 1k Followers On TikTok in 5 Minutes in 2023

In the social media game, followers play the most important role. we all want to increase our number of followers as soon as possible. However, building a presence on tiktok can be challenging, you may have a hard time growing your following. In this article, we are going to explore all the possible methods that will help you increase your number of followers.

how to get 1k followers on tiktok in 5 minutess

You can easily get 1000 followers in 5 minutes or less from a company that sells followers. However, if you are going to get instant followers, there is a higher risk involved. Often times, a company or agency you buy followers from may not be legitimate.

tiktok is very specific about fake followers and is vehemently against buying followers. Therefore, be careful when choosing a company and buy followers only from trusted sources.

Another way to grow your following is through organic growth. you may not have 1000 followers in 5 minutes. however, if you take steps like posting regularly, using hashtags, and collaborating with other influencers, you will see a significant increase in your organic following.

Also, compared to followers brought in, these organic followers will engage with your content and you can have sustainable growth in the long run.

how to get 1k followers on tiktok for free

You can get 1000 followers in 5 minutes for free if you join communities on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Search for your keywords: ‘tiktok get followers free’, ‘tiktok likes and followers, and ‘tiktok follow to follow’.

you can be a part of these communities on facebook or any other social media platform like telegram or twitter and you can get 1000 followers in 5 minutes.

Another way to get free followers is to use the hashtag #followforfollow on tiktok. it means if someone will follow you then you should start following them. Through this method, you can have 1000 followers for free. you can also follow 1000 people, the possibility is that 500 people follow you. after a while, he starts unfollowing people.

all of these methods are short-lived. even if you get followers with these methods, they would not be sustainable. If you want to become a famous creator on tiktok, you need organic followers. Gaining followers through methods like these will not increase your engagement. Brands won’t find it trustworthy and credible either.

the best sites can help you get 1k followers in 5 minutes

It is no longer a secret that you can buy tiktok followers from different companies and agencies. always beware of the company that sells followers. Do a good background check and look up their customer reviews, prices, and service. Sometimes a company may appear legitimate but may turn out to be a fraud.

here is the list of top sites our experts would recommend if you want to buy instant followers:

search socially

You can try searching on social media if you want to increase your engagement and following on various social media platforms including tiktok, instagram, twitter, twitch etc. they have highly experienced social media professionals and artificial intelligence tools that can help you increase your reach on tiktok.

It has gained more than 11,000 users worldwide, so consider this if you plan to go with a growth service to gain new followers.

they resumed social networks

takeupsocial promises to provide real and targeted followers if you subscribe to their services. they will find followers of your niche and help you get real followers.

They also have a dedicated account manager who will design a concrete strategy for you to increase your reach to new users on tiktok. So, if you don’t want fake or bot accounts in your follower list, try takeupsocial.

to update

tokupgrade is another growth service company that helps tiktokers increase their following and engagement. Just like other services mentioned, they also have a custom account manager, which will help you create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

if you want “moderate growth” you have to pay $15 per week. whereas, if you want “premium growth,” go for a $25/week plan. it will come with features like advanced targeting and priority support. the only drawback is that they do not offer a free trial.


tokcaptain is one of the fastest growing tiktok services available on the market. you can easily get real followers, likes and views in a day or two with their service. They claim to maintain a high retention view and the platform is secure and the prices are reasonable as well. followers are not fake or bots, they are real and can interact with your content, this will show tiktok that your account is growing organically.

organic ways to attract more followers

There are several ways to organically grow your followers. However, keep in mind that increasing your following takes some time, consistent efforts, and hard work. Now, let’s see all the possible methods to increase your followers.

understand your target audience

If you want to increase your number of followers, the first step is to analyze your target audience. tiktok is mostly made up of a younger demographic, but there are various niches and audience types.

Your content might work well for one type of audience and not for others. therefore, do your research and identify your target audience. understand their likes, dislikes, etc.

Once you’ve fully understood your target audience, create content that relates to them. Your long-term goal should be to entertain/educate people on the social media platform. By creating original, relatable yet creative content, your following will definitely increase over time.

Make your content based on the latest trends

one surefire way to increase your following is to create content around trends. tiktok app is known for its creative trends and challenges. It’s like a trendsetter. once a trend starts on tiktok, even on other social media platforms like youtube reels and shots, follow it.

Don’t always jump on a tiktok trend or challenge, though, if you think your target audience won’t align with it. create content around the trends, but also make sure to add your unique twist to it; that will make your content stand out from the rest of the videos around the same trend.

use relevant and popular hashtags

if you’re not already using the relevant hashtags, then you’re missing out on a lot. Hashtags will help new people discover your content, increase your reach, and that will help you grow your following.

Don’t just add hashtags at random, though. research relevant and popular hashtags in your niche. use a relevant hashtag, with a mix of popular and branded hashtags to maximize your reach. don’t use more than 5 hashtags, if you use more it will look like spam.

promote your content on other platforms

you need to leverage your following on other social media platforms like instagram, facebook and youtube. If you have a decent following on instagram, please post your tiktok videos and links as your instagram stories about your recent tiktok video, and ask your followers to follow you on tiktok. basically the trick here is to turn your instagram followers into tiktok followers.

Another way is to repost tiktok content in the form of instagram reels and youtube shorts, this way people on instagram would be curious about your content on tiktok and might start following you there.

repost videos to these platforms without the tiktok watermark. Instagram would not show your videos to a wide range of people if you have tiktok watermark and you can’t monetize tiktok watermarked videos in youtube shorts.

interact with other tiktok influencers

interact with creators that fall under your niche. connect with them, like, share and comment on their videos; this will help you to be discovered by their followers. don’t be fake, be honest and genuine with your comments and interactions. try to network, make friends and collaborate with them.

you can collaborate with them by duoing with a tiktok influencer who has a different set of audiences and both of you can benefit from each other’s audiences. Again, make sure the duet you’re doing is relevant and related to your target audience.

use tiktok promotion

you can use ‘promote tiktok’ to increase your followers. It just works like tiktok ads, here instead of a sponsored video your content will appear in the feed. will be marked as sponsored.

tiktok promotion is a great option to increase your followers as it works by advertising your content. more people will be able to discover your content and will probably start following you. Through this, you will not only increase your followers, but you will also increase your audience.

engage with your existing followers

You should interact with your existing followers to increase your credibility in their eyes. To stay relevant on tiktok or any other social media platform, building a loyal following should be your goal.

you can interact with them simply by liking, sharing and replying to their comments and dms. they would be valued and would ask their friends and family to follow them. your credibility will definitely help you increase your following.

post content regularly

You need to post content regularly to stay relevant on the platform. You can’t post content once a month, disappear, and expect your following to grow. If you’re serious about growing your following, post regularly. make sure your content is original and follow all community guidelines.

You can schedule the content you want to publish. use tiktok’s scheduling feature to post your content. Also, post content at the “right time.” there are certain periods when engagement is higher, so post in those time periods.

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