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With 88% of tiktok users saying audio is “essential” to their overall app experience, knowing how to find tiktok trending sounds is a huge potential for brands to grow on the platform. .

tiktok sound stats

  • 73 percent of users would “stop and watch” tiktok ads that have audio
  • 50 percent say tiktok content is more “uplifting, energizing and engaging” with music
  • users are eight times more likely to remember a brand for the unique sounds and songs it uses in its tiktok videos than for other elements such as visual style, color, tagline and logo
  • That being said, countless original songs and audios are used every day. Along with ever-evolving trends, how can you know what the trends are to take advantage of in your tiktok marketing strategy?

    fortunately, some resources help you identify what’s hot. Here are eight effective and easy ways to find popular tiktok sounds for your videos.

    how to find trending sounds on tiktok

    1. scroll down the page for you

    When thinking about how to find popular sounds on tiktok, one of the first things that comes to mind is to do it through the app itself, in particular, through the popular for you page.

    Whether you are new to tiktok or a frequent user, there is no doubt that you spend most of your tiktok time on the page for you, as it is one of the main functions of the app. When you’re browsing there, look at what kind of videos others are posting and the sounds they’re using.

    one of the best parts of finding trending sounds on tiktok through the page for you is that it requires almost no extra effort or time as you can easily do it while using tiktok. chances are you don’t even need to pay special attention to what you’re listening to, as any trending sound or song will definitely loop over and over again as you scroll. after a few minutes, you’ll start to recognize what’s hot.

    It’s worth noting here that page content for you differs from user to user. this is because it satisfies the personal interests of the users and the tiktok communities they belong to. If you want to create branded content that appeals to your target audience, find out what kind of content they see on your page for you by doing market analysis.

    2. use the tiktok search bar

    tiktok makes it very easy for users to find popular sounds on their app. this is how:

    1. open tiktok app

    2. go to the search function at the top of the screen

    3. Search for “viral sounds” (or any other similar keyword)

    4. once the results are loaded, go to the “sounds” tab. you will see a list of popular tiktok sounds and the number of times they have been used in tiktok videos.

    5. Alternatively, you can also go to the “hashtags” tab to see what popular hashtags related to sounds are being used. Videos with #viralsound, for instance, have been viewed 1.8 billion times.

    3. explore the tiktok sound library

    Another way to find popular sounds on tiktok is to use the app’s own sound library.

    here’s how to access it:

    1. open tiktok app
    2. click the + sign at the bottom of the screen like you would when posting a new video
    3. tap the “add sound” option at the top of the screen
    4. Scroll down to “playlist” and browse any playlist that might include popular songs like “tiktok viral”, “featured”, etc. Please note that the playlists that appear in this section may differ from user to user. since you’re looking for trendy sounds, it’s worth taking a look at any playlists that suggest they might include popular sounds.
    5. 4. use tiktok creative hub

      what better place to find trending songs on tiktok than on tiktoks themselves?

      tiktok’s creative hub allows users to see the most popular songs on the app and even filter them by region. the latter is particularly useful when your target market is in a different area than you are.

      clicking on any song on the list will also show a graph of its overall performance over the past week.

      Please note that you must be logged into Creative Hub for full access to the data. Getting an account is free with a tiktok business account, which is also free.

      5. take advantage of tiktok sound finder tokboard

      Beyond tiktok, there are many external resources that you can tap into to find popular songs.

      tokboard, formerly known as tiktometer, is one such place. it is a platform that runs on a data collection engine that monitors data directly from tiktok itself. According to its latest figures, it has data on more than 80 million popular tiktok videos.

      The great thing about tokboard is that, in addition to having a list of the most popular tiktok songs, it even shows you quite detailed data (and a graph) about a particular song or remix. this includes:

      • the number of times the song has been played
      • the number of popular videos with this song
      • popular hashtags related to this song
      • the main countries that use this song
      • there’s even a link that takes you directly to the videos on tiktok.

        6. check out spotify playlists

        Another great place to find popular songs on tiktok is none other than the leading music streaming provider, spotify.

        simply enter “tiktok” in the search bar and select “playlists”. there, you will find one playlist after another of the best trending sounds on tiktok curated by users.

        but if there’s only one user you should pay attention to, let it be tiktok’s own spotify account. they currently have 10 public playlists with the latest tiktok hits, sorted by region.

        7. jump to youtube

        youtube, the popular video-sharing platform, is also a wonderful resource to see the most popular songs on tiktok.

        In the search bar, enter keywords like “tiktok sounds trending” or “tiktok songs trending” and you will have a lot of options. in fact, simply typing “trending tiktok” triggers youtube’s autocomplete predictions and you’ll get a list of search suggestions.

        yummy is an account you want to follow to stay up to date with the trending sounds on tiktok as she posts a new video with the latest tiktok hits every day.

        redlist also has a playlist of popular tiktok songs for 2022 which they update quite often.

        In addition, the red list also compiles music videos of the most popular tiktok songs every few months and even lists the names of these songs for easy identification.

        8. pay attention to the billboard hot 100 chart

        Last but certainly not least, the billboard hot 100 chart is a resource you’ll want to check out when looking for trending sounds on tiktok.

        More than 175 popular songs on tiktok were included on that list in 2021. This is double the number of the previous year, an indication that perhaps more trending sounds on tiktok this year will also be included on its charts.

        tips for finding popular sounds on tiktok

        see how they are being used

        When you’ve chosen a trendy sound for your tiktok content, take a look at how it’s used, especially in videos that are going viral. this gives you a better idea of ​​how to participate in the tiktok trend.

        Also, consider reading the comments section of these videos to get feedback from other users and understand what you can improve or avoid doing.

        If you want to go the extra mile, don’t just mimic what others are doing. This is your chance to be creative and put your own spin on it. a little outside thinking can be the key to making your videos go viral on tiktok!

        save them as favorites

        Once you find a tiktok sound or trending song that you want to use, don’t forget to save it as a favourite. this saves you the effort of having to locate them again when you’re ready to use them in your tiktok posts.

        Also, tiktok trends tend to last for five to seven days. Depending on how often and when you post on tiktok, this can give you lots of opportunities to use the current sounds that are trending.

        but no one knows how long a tiktok sound can last. some can potentially continue for months or even resurface in the future. to that end, saving them as favorites allows you to easily return to them at a later date. It’s a lot like having your own custom library of trendy tiktok sounds at your fingertips!

        consider your target audience

        In addition to looking for songs and sounds that are trending on tiktok, pay close attention to those that are specific and relevant to your target audience.

        although some of these sounds may not be as appealing, there is a chance that they will resonate just as well, if not better, with your target audience.

        search for unique trending sounds

        remember, tiktok is not just about music. Users can also create unique sounds that are fun to make videos with. catchy and trending songs aside, it is also important to know how to find trending sounds on tiktok.

        to do that, it would be best to navigate in the tiktok app itself (i.e. via the for you page and the tiktok search bar).


        here’s a rundown of the eight ways to find popular sounds and songs on tiktok:

        1. scroll through their page for yourself for inspiration
        2. search for what’s trending in the tiktok app search bar
        3. browse tiktok music and sound library
        4. use the tiktok creative hub to see what songs are trending and their performance data
        5. leverages data from tokboard, which monitors and tracks tiktok data
        6. watch playlists of popular tiktok songs on spotify
        7. jump to youtube for the latest tiktok hot song charts
        8. keep an eye out for the billboard hot 100 list
        9. We hope you found these eight ways to find popular sounds on tiktok useful. Given the popularity of audio on tiktok, including the most popular hits in your tiktok content can really help you increase your reach and ultimately sell on tiktok.

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