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Those ubiquitous tiktok dance videos don’t automatically work their way to perfection. Behind every viral tiktok video, there is a lot of editing work to make it better and attract viewers. You need to spend a significant amount of time editing your videos, whether they are dance videos, parodies, commercials, tutorials, or explainer videos. choosing the right tool can help you cut down on editing time.

To help you find the right software, we have listed some of the best tiktok video editors below. We have also shared some tiktok video editing tips to help you get the most out of these tools. Let’s take a look at editing apps first.

1. imovie

tiktok editing app - imovie

imovie is a free video editing tool from apple. there is a version for mac and ios. So you should be able to edit your videos right on your iPhone or iPad. you can also use airdrop and icloud to transfer your videos to your mac and edit them there with imovie or final cut pro.


  • styles, storyboards and templates make it easy for anyone to create high-quality videos from scratch
  • Cinematic mode helps you create professional-looking, artistic scenes
  • allows you to trim clips, add photos, videos, filters and transitions
  • green screen effects allow you to change the background
  • limitations

    • only works on apple devices
    • it is a simple editor and does not have advanced features like final cut pro
    • price: free

      2. on video

      tiktok editing app - invideo

      invideo is a popular online video editor with a video editing app for android and ios devices called filmr. has various portrait templates that help you create tiktok videos.


      • free to use
      • use 5,000+ templates to quickly create videos
      • includes access to a standard media library with over 3 million assets, an istock media library with over 8 million assets, and a premium media library with over 1 million assets
      • can import media, trim and split clips, add transitions, play videos backwards, and add audio
      • you can also add subtitles to clips
      • limitations

        • add a watermark to videos made with the free plan
        • simple video editor that works best for quick videos
        • Price: Start with a free plan. commercial and unlimited plans are $23 and $45 per month.

          3. snapshot

          tiktok editing app - inshot

          inshot is a popular freemium video editor among social media influencers. it is one of the best tools to create video content for tiktok and instagram and has apps for android and ios devices.


          • Clear and direct interface, easy to navigate, even for beginners
          • can split, trim, merge and delete clips; you can also adjust the speed of the video
          • allows you to quickly add filters and effects to create videos that stand out
          • allows you to easily add sound effects, voiceovers, music, animated stickers and text overlays
          • limitations

            • not as advanced as professional editing applications like adobe premiere
            • add a watermark to videos made with the free version
            • no web or desktop version
            • Price: Start with a free plan. there’s also a pro plan you can get for $2.99 ​​a month, $14.99 a year, or $34.99 for life.

              4. funimate

              tiktok editing app - funimate

              Funimate video maker and editor not only has an attractive name but also several satisfied users on android and ios devices. many use it to create fun looping videos.


              • Trim, merge, crop, slow down and reverse videos with one tap.
              • allows you to add skins and up to 100 advanced ai video effects and change video backgrounds
              • add intro and outro effects to bring viewers together all the way
              • add text effects to make your overlay text stand out
              • limitations

                • free version has ads
                • no web or desktop version
                • Price: There is a free version and a pro version that costs $2.99 ​​per week. you also get a seven-day trial with the pro version.

                  5. adobe premiere pro

                  tiktok editing app - adobe premiere pro

                  Adobe Premiere Pro is robust video editing software popular with professional video editors. it is a sophisticated tool that takes time to master. there is an alternative version called adobe premiere rush that is easier to use.


                  • has all the features for editing basic social media videos and long movies
                  • access to third-party templates, creative assets, and extensions help speed up video creation
                  • works well with other popular adobe applications such as photoshop and illustrator
                  • automatically create and add subtitles with the speech-to-text tool
                  • limitations

                    • sophisticated tool with a steep learning curve
                    • costs more than simple video editing apps
                    • Price: Costs $20.99 per month, with a seven-day free trial. the creative cloud plan costs $52.99 per month.

                      6. zoomerang

                      tiktok editing app - zoomerang

                      zoomerang is a music video editor that many influencers use to create short dance videos for networks like tiktok and instagram. is easy to use and provides tutorials to help you recreate trending videos on social media.


                      • Free to use – no registration required
                      • offers hundreds of transitions and effects to help you create videos quickly
                      • allows you to assemble videos and create slideshows easily.
                      • add music, filters, text and stickers to your videos
                      • limitations

                        • no web or desktop version
                        • free version has ads
                        • Price: There is a free version and a paid version that costs $19.99 per year.

                          7. magisto

                          tiktok editing app - magisto

                          magisto is a smart online video editor, with apps for android and ios, owned by the video hosting platform vimeo. it is perfect for tiktok users who like to edit their videos on various devices.


                          • easy-to-use editor with premium editing styles that help you create videos quickly
                          • access to over 3 million videos and istock hd photos
                          • chargeable access to vimeo pro or vimeo business plans depending on your subscription
                          • built-in analytics to measure video performance
                          • limitations

                            • free version has minimal features
                            • You can only create videos up to 10 minutes long
                            • Price: Start with a free plan. Premium, Professional, and Business plans are $9.99, $19.99, and $69.99 per month.

                              8. capcut

                              tiktok editing app - capcut

                              capcut is an app for android and ios devices with over 250 million installs. bytedance, the same company that owns tiktok, owns capcut. it has many features that tiktok video creators will love.


                              • easily split, reverse, crop, speed up and rotate videos
                              • completely free to use
                              • use filters like winter, shade, gourmet and summer to create video highlights
                              • access a rich selection of tracks from the music library
                              • limitations

                                • Very simple video editing tool with basic features.
                                • 15 minute video length limit
                                • price: free.

                                  9. vizmato

                                  tiktok editing app - vizmato

                                  vizmato is another video creator and editor. you can use it not only to edit videos but also to record them. it has applications for android and apple mobile devices and offers a free version and an affordable paid version.


                                  • record videos and apply filters, effects and themes while recording
                                  • change speed, trim videos and add custom text and stickers. you can also use the slideshow maker to put images together to make a video.
                                  • voice changing effects let you change your voice to sound like a baby, a ghost or different animals
                                  • access the viztunes library of over 140 free music tracks
                                  • limitations

                                    • free version has ads
                                    • the free version also adds a watermark to the videos
                                    • Price: vizmato has a free version and a pro version that costs $11.99 per year, with a seven-day free trial.

                                      10. fast gopro

                                      tiktok editing app - gopro quick

                                      As the name suggests, this is a gopro video editing app. you can use it to edit videos you shot with gopro or import photos and videos you captured with other devices.


                                      • backs up all videos and photos posted to your wall at 100% quality
                                      • allows you to trim, trim, and add transitions and effects to your videos
                                      • allows you to transform your phone into a remote control for your gopro
                                      • automatically syncs clips to music
                                      • limitations

                                        • the basic video editor cannot handle complex editing tasks.
                                        • best suited for gopro camera owners
                                        • price: has a free plan. you can get the paid version for $9.99 per year or get a gopro subscription for $49.99 per year.

                                          11. the motive

                                          tiktok editing app - lomotif

                                          lomotif is a popular social video platform with over 225 million downloads. It is perfect for creating short videos for networks like tiktok, instagram and snapchat.


                                          • allows you to trim, duplicate, cut, trim and delete clips
                                          • Search and add gifs and millions of songs to your videos with ease
                                          • add animated stickers, filters and flash effects to make your videos stand out
                                          • create a montage with photos or videos from tiktok, snapchat and instagram stories
                                          • limitations

                                            • mainly suitable for creating short videos
                                            • price: free.

                                              our top 5 tiktok video editing tips

                                              here are some tips for editing videos on tiktok or one of the apps above.

                                              cut videos

                                              for a while, you could only post tiktok videos up to three minutes long, but recently tiktok extended the length to 10 minutes. However, this does not mean that you should always take advantage of this space and post long videos. a quintly study found that videos that are around nine seconds long generate the highest engagement.

                                              engagement view per video study from Quintly

                                              so don’t be afraid to cut as much material as you can. your videos should be to the point. tiktok video editor allows you to cut videos, but any of the above editors can do the job too.

                                              add filters

                                              people are constantly posting videos on tiktok. You have a lot of competition on this network. So why should people watch your videos over those of your competitors?

                                              There are many things you can do, like creating better content to attract more attention, but one simple tactic you can also include is using filters. most users like to stick to the trends, challenges, and filters that other people use. but if you avoid this and create unique videos with filters, it will stand out in the feed and generate more views.

                                              for example, if you find that most people use color filters, you can add something in black and white. tiktok organizes filters like portrait, landscape, food and environment. you can browse and choose your favourite. try to stay consistent with filters as they can represent your brand identity.

                                              add music and sound effects

                                              while recording your video on tiktok, you can add sounds simultaneously to make sure they sync up better. but you can also add sounds separately. After uploading or recording your video on tiktok, you can tap on “sounds” and add a track. you can browse the tracks and even search for them. after adding the music, you can adjust the volume.

                                              You can also play around with the apps we mentioned above to see if they offer a better selection of music. tools like capcut and zoomerang have excellent clues.

                                              add text

                                              Many people will watch your videos with the sound on and enjoy the music, but 92% of people use mobile devices with the sound turned off. If you are speaking in your videos and what you are saying is essential, overlay it as subtitles on the video.

                                              you can write the subtitles directly in tiktok video editor while editing. you can also choose a font and change the alignment and color. but it might be better for you to use a tool like adobe premiere as it automatically converts the speech to text and places them as subtitles.

                                              place stickers

                                              Just like with instagram stories, you can also place stickers on your tiktok videos to increase engagement. you have stickers for hashtags, mentions, polls, timestamps and much more.

                                              which tiktok editing apps do you like the most?

                                              For a long time, tiktok was all about creating short videos. initially, he could only post videos that were 15 seconds long, later increasing the limit to one minute, and then three minutes. now, you can post videos up to 10 minutes long. it might be a good idea to experiment with long-form videos to see if they work better.

                                              Most of the best tiktok editors work well for creating short videos. If you tend to make longer videos, you can start by using two video editors. For example, you can use imovie or funimate to make short videos and invideo or adobe premiere for longer videos.

                                              To find the best tools to manage your tiktok account, visit the appsumo store. we have deals on video makers and other tools and templates that you’ll find useful.

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