How to make a TikTok video and navigate the app’s editing tools

  • you can make a tiktok video using the plus sign at the bottom center of the tiktok app.
  • TikTok videos can be anywhere from one second to three minutes long.
  • There are tons of filters, effects, sounds, and editing tools at your disposal to edit your video.
  • even if you ever knew that tiktok was just a social media platform for lip-syncing teens, it’s hard to disagree that it’s gone mainstream in a major way, and these days it seems like everyone has a favorite genre of video in the service, whether it’s about food, dogs, dance or comedy.

    and there’s no reason to stay exclusively in the audience; making your own tiktok videos is so easy that you can become a creator effortlessly. here’s what you need to know to start making your own tiktok video.

    how to make a tiktok video

    if you’re a longtime tiktok user but have never made your own video, it’s time to explore that big plus sign.

    1. Tap the plus sign in the middle of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The first time you do this, you’ll need to give the app permission to use your camera and microphone. permissions look a little different on android and ios, but the important thing is to grant the permission.

    2. tiktok allows you to make videos from one to 15 seconds and up to three minutes long. depending on the maximum length of the video you want, touch 15 s, 60 s or 3m.

    3. Touch and hold the red button to record. hold the button down as long as you need to record your clip, but you can release the button and record additional clips.

    4. You can join multiple clips up to the maximum duration you set for your video. each time you press the red button, it will record more and you can keep track of the total video length on the indicator at the top of the screen.

    5. If you want to discard the last clip you recorded, tap the backward icon to the right of the red button.

    6. To add effects to your video, use the onscreen buttons.

    • Effects: This button on the bottom left is a library of many common effects, such as green screen-style backgrounds and effects that change their appearance.
    • flip: At the top right of the screen, this swaps the front and rear cameras.
    • speed: You can use this to record in slow motion or faster than normal.
    • beauty: Add a soft focus filter to soften your features.
    • Filters: Choose from a large library of filters that adjust color and saturation.
    • Timer: Use the self-timer to start a 3 or 10 second countdown and set the time you want to record. this allows you to record completely without intervention.
    • 7. When you’re ready to proceed, tap the checkmark in the bottom right.

      8. On this preview page, you can see the video you recorded. if you want to go back to recording, such as deleting a clip and re-recording it, use the back arrow at the top left.

      9. On the preview page, you can also add sound, music, and other effects. Here are some of the most important options:

      • sounds: At the bottom left, the sounds button allows you to add music and sound effects to the background of your video.
      • Effects: There are many special effects like smoke, dust, and camera shake that you can add to your video. To do this, touch and drag the desired effect onto the video and hold it there for the length of time you want the effect to occur.
      • Text: You can type text that appears as an overlay throughout the video.
      • Stickers: Touch a sticker to add it to the video. if you need to add text to it, please do so below. after entering the text, you can drag the label and place it where you want on the screen.
      • adjust clips: This page works like a traditional video editor. you can drag to rearrange the clips and trim the beginning and end of the video.
      • Voiceover: Touch and hold the record button to add new audio. you have the option to keep or discard any audio from the original recording.
      • title: tiktok can analyze the recorded audio and add subtitles to the video.
      • 10. When your video is complete, tap next. Complete the post page by adding a short description of the video, choosing who can see it, and setting options like whether to allow comments and duets. when you’re done, tap publish.

        Quick tip: Duet videos, also called reaction videos, are popular. this is when a video appears next to another video so that a tiktoker can comment or react to it. To make a duet or reaction video, find the video to react to and tap share. If the video creator allows duets, you’ll see a duet button. play duet and make your video as usual.

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