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Find out how to recover videos you previously had in drafts that you deleted on tiktok.

Creating short videos and sharing them is the foundation of tiktok’s success. Sometimes it can happen that after recording a video we discard it because we don’t like it. But what if we regret this decision? We explain how to recover deleted tiktok drafts.

tiktok is the most fashionable social network. In Europe there are more than 100 million users on this platform, while 28% of the total are Indian, 16% American and 15% Brazilian. the most successful age group is 16-24 years old.

There are several reasons for the success of this app: its ease of use through an intuitive interface, the possibility of watching videos quickly and entertainingly and its extensive catalog or the possibility of creating your own videos with a multitude of effects .

If we focus on creating your own videos, you’ll know that not all the clips we shoot make it to the public. Many are discarded because we don’t like them or because something that shouldn’t be there has slipped in. these videos that are deleted because they are not shared are the deleted tiktok drafts.

To find out how to recover deleted tiktok drafts, open the app and tap the “profile” icon. then tap the three dots or three dashes at the top of the screen and then choose “privacy”. then choose the “download your data” option. Ask to download your data. the request will take 1-2 days to process and then you will be able to download your data within four days.

if I uninstall tiktok, will my drafts be deleted?

In addition to knowing how to recover deleted tiktok drafts, you may also be wondering: if I uninstall tiktok, will my drafts be deleted? here is the answer.

Note that if you uninstall tiktok, the drafts will be gone as well as the app is removed. tiktok does not have a way to download drafts directly to the phone’s gallery.

where to save tiktok drafts

If you’ve created one or more video drafts on tiktok, but can’t find them, you may be wondering where tiktok drafts are stored. that’s how.

tiktok drafts are stored in your profile. to view them, simply click on the “profile” icon at the bottom of the screen. there you will see your profile with your published videos and you will also see an item that says “drafts”. click inside to see the different videos that are drafts and have not been published.

how to send tiktok draft on whatsapp

You already know how to recover deleted tiktok drafts, but how to send a tiktok draft via whatsapp? as mentioned above, there is no direct way to save drafts to your phone’s gallery.

To send a tiktok draft on whatsapp, you will need to post it as private. all you have to do is create the video and when you get to the description screen, select the “only me” option in the “who can see the video” section. once published, go to your profile and then access the lock icon. enter the video and click on the three dots on the right. choose the “save video” option. then you can send it via whatsapp by simply selecting it from your phone’s gallery.

how long tiktok drafts last (how long do they stay available)

if you want to know how long tiktok drafts last in apps section in case they get deleted after certain time, don’t worry because this doesn’t happen.

tiktok drafts are stored and stay there until you post or delete them. you can use them after months and see all the ones you have stored without any problem.

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