TikTok: Your Guide To Quickly Growing Followers

dance challenges, teen singers, pranks and quick entertainment.

that’s what you think when you mention tiktok.

so why is it important to learn how to use tiktok for business?

why does it matter how many tiktok followers you have and why do you want more tiktok followers?

well, for one, it provides a new way to reach a broad target audience.

but if benefits like increased brand awareness, higher search rankings, more traffic to your website, and increased customer engagement sound like your key performance indicators (kpis), then you’ll understand why you need to increase your tiktok followers.

here is how to get more tiktok followers for free and paid in this helpful guide.

how to grow tiktok organic followers, faster

tiktok is a hot digital marketing channel right now.

what makes tiktok such an addictive app for its target audience is its highly personalized “for you” feed. this is strictly governed by their algorithm.

so the challenge of building a following on tiktok is how to show your content to your target audience on your for you page (fyp).

Here are the basics on how to grow your tiktok followers and work with the algorithm, not against it.

First, be very clear about who your audience is

defining your target audience applies to everything related to digital marketing, so I won’t elaborate on this.

let it be said that not all tiktok users are your niche audience.

creating content to increase followers could result in a spike in vanity metrics and not metrics that move the needle.

explore what your target audience is doing on tiktok, then you can create tiktok videos that are uniquely and specifically engaging with them.

upgrade your tiktok account to a tiktok pro account

it might be worth upgrading your tiktok account to tiktok pro account if you really want to get more tiktok followers.

In addition to adding a link to your tiktok profile, business accounts allow brands to track how their videos are performing in a bid to gain more followers.

take advantage of tiktok trends

tiktok has many trends, of which songs and music are usually at the center.

this is because record labels often work with tiktok to promote their artist’s songs on the app, as it can help boost your sales and increase the likelihood of the song topping the charts.

it’s pretty easy to use a popular song in your video; tiktok will recommend it!

using trending songs in your content is a good strategy to grow your tiktok followers, as it increases your chances of getting your content published (or searched for) by new users.

educate your tiktok followers

we found that the best tiktok content for businesses and individuals is often a mix of education and entertainment.

packaging your value and products into cleverly produced content is a great way to inform and educate your audience on how you can make their lives a little easier.

use the right hashtags, the right way

tiktok not only works with record labels, but also frequently partners with other types of companies.

uses hashtags and sound as a base.

taking advantage of trending and relevant hashtags will give your content a better chance of being moved to the fyp of your target audience.

browse the trending hashtags in the app or with this hashtag generator tool.

or when creating the captions for the video, just press # to generate relevant tiktok hashtag suggestions. use these.

to get more followers, everything is a matter of time

as with most other social media platforms, you need to know when is a good time to post your content.

try to post when more of your ideal viewers are on tiktok to get views quickly, which usually leads to more tiktok followers.

try early morning (commuting), lunchtime (empty at work), and late night (scrolling on the couch) as this is when tiktok users are usually on their phones.

basically, load videos when your target audience is online.

lighting matters

in addition to good video quality for tiktok users to enjoy, the platform needs to know that its videos are safe for all viewers.

For this reason, use good lighting in your videos.

create and join tiktok challenges

tiktok challenges are a very popular format on the app and often make up a good chunk of the trending content at any given time.

If you want to grow tiktok followers organically, consider participating in tiktok challenges that your target audience participates in.

use stitch to work with other tiktok creators

at the end of 2020, tiktok introduced a new feature called stitch, and it’s a great way to quickly increase your following.

the idea of ​​merging is using a few seconds of someone else’s video as part of your own video to inform, further the conversation, or further a topic.

Also, because stitches are still relatively new, tiktok favors stitches in the fyp over regular videos.

so, collaborate with other tiktok creators and start stitching!

promote your videos to get more followers

there is more to marketing than just tiktok.

I know you know this, but just a reminder to have a multi-channel, full-funnel digital marketing strategy that includes other social media platforms as well.

already uses your brand’s other social media platforms such as youtube, instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc. to reach specific target audiences with unique messages.

now, you can use these platforms to share your tiktok videos.

this way, you cross-promote your tiktok videos on your other social platforms.

this will let your target audience know that the brand has an active tiktok profile and thus get more followers.

use user generated content

over time you will start to collect a decent collection of user generated content (UGC) on tiktok.

this can help build trust in the brand, increase user engagement, as well as improve reach and gain more followers.

to scale ugc, why not start your own challenge, host a competition, or start your own hashtag trend?

use tiktok growth tools

You don’t have to take care of all the administration yourself when it comes to nurturing free tiktok followers.

consider connecting with your target audience through third-party tiktok growth tools.

these tools automate day-to-day tasks to get more followers on tiktok.

for example, following and unfollowing other users, liking and commenting on posts, and all other tasks related to growing your account.

interact with your users

one sure way for tiktok creators to gain a following is to interact with their current followers on tiktok.

like, comment and reply to comments.

This all works to build relationships with followers and other content creators.

paid strategies to increase tiktok views and followers

Having a hard time gaining free followers?

tiktok ads, whether in-feed or in-stream plugins, allow you to reach a larger audience, get more tiktok followers and increase interactive engagement.

Here’s how to bypass the algorithm and grow your tiktok followers and views with paid media.

use tiktok ads

use the tiktok ad manager to access a whole planet full of tiktok users.

to do this, you need to create a tiktok advertiser account.

has a variety of ad management tools such as targeting, custom audiences, ad creation, and reporting to maximize ad results.

You can choose ad options like in-feed ads, topview, brand acquisition, brand hashtag challenges, and brand effect, all based on your budget and target audience.

promote your videos

you can use the promotion to reach your audience, increase website traffic and build a following with your organic tiktok videos.

It’s worth noting that the only videos you can promote are those that use original sounds or sounds that are suitable for commercial use.

include a strong cta

as with everything related to digital marketing, you get better results if you tell people what to do next.

Whether it’s following, buying, registering or commenting, your results depend on the use of effective calls to action (ctas) in your campaigns.

final thoughts

The best way to grow your followers on tiktok, both for brands and individuals, is to first know who you want to connect with.

this is true with all social media platforms.

then, to attract more followers to your tiktok profile, create videos that resonate with your ideal audience and tap into trends like hot music, challenges, and hashtags on the platform.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to appearing organically on the fyp to get more followers, so do the homework, do the work, and enjoy the results.

however, if organic is too slow for you, then you can upgrade your tiktok account to a tiktok pro account and buy views through tiktok’s own advertising services.

as with all campaigns on your social media platforms, remember to include a strong cta so your viewers become loyal followers.

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